April 16, 2024

New advertising ideas and techniques most always get the
quick attention of the optimistic small business owner.The first time you hear about something new to use or
adapt, your mind races to fast forward, especially if the
testimonials are realistic and seem to relate to what you are
doing.To illustrate, picture that ad salesperson standing right
there in your business. Temptation is staring you in the face.
“It’s a great deal,” they tell you.Do you go for it or not?Here are three sets of realistic questions to ask yourself as
you evaluate the proposal:****************************************1. Take a step to the side and consider this. Is your
current advertising already covering the basics? Is this new
temptation part of your basic advertising plan or does it fall
in the “next level” category? Remember that you’ve got to do
the basics first, just as you have to open a showroom before
you can decorate it. So make sure you are doing the basics
well before you move to the next level.****************************************2. Will the new idea or technique stand on its own
as a profit generator? Can the new idea or technique be
integrated into your basic advertising thrust so it can
compliment what you are already doing? Will it contribute to
building a cumulative advertising effect?****************************************3. Can you afford it? Is your advertising budget
already strained? Will this advertising method pay for itself?
Or will it break the bank?****************************************Background: The informed small business owner keeps
good records of all promotions and advertising. You want to
develop enough information to figure out what works and
what doesn’t. It’s called learning from your experiences of
being in the trenches.Temptation stares you in the face at the least expected
times.Temptation can come from hearing or reading about
super results others have gotten with their advertising.Often it appears when a salesperson tells you about the
“great deal” they are offering.Temptation can come from looking forward to how
great it would be if you could get similar results. It always
sounds so easy.Is temptation worth listening to? By giving yourself honest
answers to the three questions above, you’ll know if it’s time
to move ahead to the next level and succumb to your latest
advertising temptations.© 2006 Jon SinishThis article may be reprinted and redistributed as long as
the resource box remains intact.